Alice is almost a regular eleven-year-old, but there are two things about her that are very unusual. One is that she hates potato chips. Seriously, she hates them! The other is that she was born with three arms! When Alice is faced with a difficult decision, she must question what it means to be a regular kid.

Aimee originally created Alice as a bedtime story to empower her daughter Freyja to help her work through her feelings about her own disabilities.

Diversity in children’s books is slowly becoming more reflective of today’s culture but there is still a tremendous gap where there should be quality books about disability. A quick online search shows that while in the US  10% of the population has some kind of disability, perhaps no group has been as overlooked and inaccurately represented in children's books. Aimee's daughter needed a protagonist like Alice, so she created one for her and for all children everywhere.


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