2021 Unruly Retreat Recipient for womxn who parent

2021 Winner of Provincetown C-Scape Dune Shack Writing Residency  

2020-2021 Pauline Scheer Fellow at GrubStreet, Boston's literary writing center

 2020 Parent-Writer Author Fellow of the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing


"Are you drinking coffee nonstop, up day and night and peeking into my brain?!?!!"

"I’m so grateful for the stories you’re telling about Freyja and her life and your hopes and struggles to have what’s best for her. I love the perspective it gives us of someone who has a child to will be capable of whatever she can do without making it difficult for her to do it. I cannot imagine being in your shoes ... I can only say I’m amazed by you and your family. You are all incredible."

"So heartfelt and informative." 


"You have a talent for conveying feelings I have felt so often, but am unable to write myself."

"Thank you Aimee for this (and all) your pieces. You write from your heart and it certainly touches mine - and this one especially gives me pause to think and reflect on some very important things I’m not always aware of in this crazy adventure called parenting. Thank you for your words and witness."

"This is lovely, honest, and true. Thank you. Self-love is the truest and perhaps most enduring of the loves. I think we teach our kids self-love, by loving them, but also by loving ourselves."

"I love your honesty. You write beautifully. You have helped me be both a better mom...and more accepting of my shortcomings."

"I am always an emotional puddle after reading her articles. I remember hearing that good authors must be brutally honest with themselves. Aimee does this in such a poignant and uplifting way. It is so cathartic and empowering to read!"

"Thanks for being being a voice for the rest of us, Aimee, whether you mean to or not."

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