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I have no idea how you have done this.  You have made so many critical edits while retaining the very heart and soul of me and everything I was trying to communicate!  How do you do that?? I may never know but I am so grateful!! Thank you so much.

Sheila / Grad School Applicant / Editing Client

Aimee is a beautiful teacher and mentor. Her style is nourishing for the soul. My writing improves through her teaching and the way she organizes a literary community. We are all her chicks in the nest learning to fly with patient, focused assistance. Expect to be pushed and seen throughout the experience.

Lara Stone / Memoirist / Advanced Personal Writing Workshop

I've gotten so much out of working with Aimee. She's a smart, caring creative who brings out great things in her students and helps us create new writing and polish our existing work. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her!

Elaine Hays / Memoirist / Advanced Personal Writing Workshop

Wow, I gotta say, this makes me wanna buy my own book! Thank you so much again for your availability and for getting this together for me. I really like how you write... this is perfect!

Michele Bonfils / Poet / Editing Client

If you are ready to advance your craft and workshopping skills, take this course! Aimee has opened the world of memoir writing for me. The classes are well-organized with craft lessons and workshopping throughout. Feedback on your writing is based on anti-racist principals and accepting of all identities. 

Anonymous / Memoirist / Advanced Personal Writing Workshop

If you are anxious to write memoir and need to know how to do it and make it work, Aimee is the instructor for you. You will not only learn the rudiments of writing memoir but she will also carefully critique 50 pages of your work. I don't have many improvements to offer. I love Aimee's style and her approach to creating a community of learners. One can't expect to hang back, however. Both feet.

Kevin Sisson / Memoirist / Advanced Personal Writing Workshop

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