Writing isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're reading this, you know it could be for you. Whether you are just getting started or looking to perfect the memoir you've drafted so it's ready for querying, you're in the right place. From useful craft talks to time to generate to individualized, one-on-one feedback, I'm here for what you want to write. Your story matters. Let me help you learn to tell it.


Below are classes I teach right here through Zoom. Please click on each title for description and registration information. All classes and workshops in Eastern time. Below the classes are "Open Writing Events" which are open to the public at no charge. I also teach classes regularly at GrubStreet, Boston's creative writing center. Please check their site and my linktree for my upcoming Grub classes.

Open Writing Events


Midday Monday Write-Ins

Every Monday, 2 - 4 pm Eastern

Every Wednesday, 6 - 8 am Eastern

and every Friday, 7 - 9 pm Eastern.

No registration needed. Come late, leave early, it's all okay.

Bring whatever you're working on! That thing you want to cross off your list, that edit you owe, that awful chapter, that rewrite, that essay, that unfinished thing! Or just show up with your laptop or a notebook and pen and I can pop some prompts into the chat and you can try something new. Cameras on or off, come in pajamas, be on screen or off, pop in for some or all, drop in, drop off, whatever works for you works for us. 

Friday Night Write-Ins

Sunrise Wednesday Write-Ins


"Whether you are new to writing or a long-time writer, Aimee is responsive to where you are in your journey. As a new writer and adoptee, I have found belonging in Aimee's classes. Aimee is patient and kind. With each prompt and class Aimee challenges my thinking, instills confidence in each writer, and helps me take the next step on my path as a writer." 


"Aimee’s class came along just when I needed it. With each class and each prompt, plus her endless encouragement, I completed a first draft of my next personal essay. A real breakthrough. As if that weren’t enough, she offered to edit a longer essay I’d written months ago to help me reposition it for submission to a publication. She did an outstanding job. I thank her for everything!" 


Loved the class. It far exceeded my expectations. Aimee’s generous spirit and thoughtful facilitation helped to create an encouraging and thought-provoking experience. Under Aimee’s guidance, the class gelled into a respectful, trusting community, as we shared often sensitive and moving accounts from our nascent memoirs. I not only learned a lot from my classmates’ and Aimee’s reflections on my writing, but also from listening to comments about other people’s writing. Aimee’s presentations to the class contained a lot of valuable insights into various aspects of the craft of memoir writing. Similarly, the memoir examples Aimee shared with us were powerful and wide-ranging. I can’t say enough about how great the class was.


"They say that the best writing feedback does not seek to advise or critique. As a teacher of memoir, Aimee asks the right questions, offers thoughtful writing prompts, and provides examples that allow us to dig deeper into our own personal truth to create compelling works of nonfiction that sparkle on the page."